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2 August 2018

Please note that we’ve had to transfer websites that are using the following name servers to a new, bigger server:

The new CPANEL URL  is


The new IP is Use this for FTP purposes.

Your usernames and passwords should still work, and all your files were transferred to the new server.

If you have any problem, please immediately send in a support request.

4 February 2018

Final notice: If your website is hosted on server please download your files immediately and upload them to the new server at The old server will be switched off four days from now. If you did not receive the email with your new FTP and control panel login details, please immediately email


10 November 2016

The migration of server LASRV20 is now complete!

The new hostname and IP address of the server is now:


New cPanel URL:


You will now need to update your nameservers at your domain registrar (where you registered your domain name) for any domains you have in your account to the following:



If you are a reseller and use custom nameservers, you will need to update the IP addresses for your registered nameservers (NS1 & NS2) at your registrar to the new IP addresses:



All accounts were completely transferred as-is and all login information is the same as it was previously. Only the server hostname, IP and nameservers have changed.

Please make sure to update any FTP client programs, email client configurations, etc. with the new IP address of the server.

28 September, 2015

If your domain uses and as name servers, please note that the control panel URL for this domain has changed to

Also use the IP for FTP purposes and take into account that we had to disable non-secure FTP.  Please set your FTP client to use Explicit FTP over TLS. We recommend using the free FileZilla FTP software, which has this option under its Site Manager. You can read more about this here:




5 September 2015

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be migrating many of your websites to different servers this week. We notice quite a lot of you use the server to store old emails. These will NOT be migrated, so please download them to your own computer as soon as possible.


August 2015


FrontPage hasn't been actively developed for a long time and control panels have slowly been dropping support for it over the years. Plesk supported it until version 11 and cPanel continued support until recently but have now also dropped it altogether. We moved some clients to cPanel server Mercury in order for them to continue using FrontPage but cPanel hasn't supported FP for quite a while. On Mercury we disabled control panel updates so the server would continue to support FrontPage but we can only do that for so long. Just like any other software on a server the control panel needs to kept updated to keep it secure and Mercury hasn't had an update for 8-9 months.

So if you currently use FrontPage on Mercury (or any other server that miraculously still has it) please arrange to move your sites to newer software. WordPress would be the best choice as it's going nowhere and there are so many great themes available to make your site look great. ThemeForest is my go-to place for WordPress themes.

All Plesk servers will be updated to Plesk 12 during September and any cPanel servers with older versions will be updated mid-September too.

HostNexus and AtomicVPS has been in a holding pattern for the last few years but we are now entering a period of intense and active development ending with a brand relaunch at the end of the year. There will be new websites, a new billing backend for HN clients, new anti-spam tools, new servers, new VPSes, pretty new everything - so stay tuned for that and more.



April 2014

Please note that there has been an IP number change on one of our servers. It only affects domains using the following name servers:

To access your CPANEL control panel, please use this url in future:
If you have a reseller account, the control panel has moved to this url:
The new IP number for your domain is:

December 1, 2013
We have managed to restore all data on the servers in our data center that was affected by a disastrous cooling system failure recently. All websites should be running
normally, but there are still isolated problems with emaill and databases. If you experience a problem, please contact

October 21, 2013

Due  to a large scale WordPress wp-login.php attack we received on server SRV6 (purple) this morning, we have had to temporarily implement a
.htaccess block for wp-login.php files.

Currently if you try to access a WordPress /wp-admin, you will most likely receive a 403 forbidden error.

To bypass this, please add the following to your .htaccess file in /public_html:

Files ~ "^wp-login.php">
Order deny,allow
Deny from all

# Allow from X.X.X.X


Remove the "#" and replace "X.X.X.X" with your current IP address.

Thank you

March 11, 2012
Customers using ns5/ please note that you only have a few days left to change to the new server.

February 24, 2009
If your website is down, and you are using the following name servers for your domain: and or and

then please replace this immediately with the following name servers: and

The isource/dnsserv server has been switched off. We sent out numerous emails about the pending move. If you did not receive any of these emails,
please contact us to update your email address.

May 30, 2008


We have a failure of the http server on Our technicians are currently working on the problem, but we can’t yet give an estimated uptime.


This server is quite old, and started giving repeated problems recently, so we plan to replace with a new server soon.


Please make sure that you have an up to date copy of your website, since the new server will probably run on CPANEL software,

therefore we won’t just be able to copy the files over. We have found CPANEL to be extremely reliable over the past two years

 since we have started testing it.


Please stand by for further news.


October 20,2007

  Every day we are finding compromised mailboxes and a few servers

 have found their IPs listed on some widely used spam lists (RBLs).  For

 those interested in the issue you read more about it at SpamHaus:


 What actually is happening is that  spammers scan the servers with programs containing easy username/password  pairs (such as test/12345 or info/abc123 etc).  On a server with hundreds  of domains and thousands of mailboxes it is easy to get a hit and once  in the spammer can spam from your mail account.  This is not a new

 tactic but since most hosts clamped down on the formmail issue the

 spammers are having to use other means of which this is now the most popular.


We can stop this exploitation dead in its tracks but it's going to

 require a very small amount of co-operation from you, our clients and your

 end mail users.  Until now you have been able to login to your mail

 accounts and webmail via the username only.  What we need to do is tighten

 security and make each user login to mail accounts and webmail via the

 username AND domain name.  Example:



Login: <user>

Pass: <password>




Pass: <password>


So as you can see your login name will change from "user" to


Some of you are going to say, "But hey, I already use the full username

 and domain to login!".  Yes, you are not wrong.  Until now the servers

 have supported both ways of logging but after this change it will ONLY

 support the full login name.  With this implemented the spammers

 programs will be rendered useless and our servers will be free from annoying

 issues such as being listed on RBLs making email bounce for some



We will make this change next week on Monday night US EST so that

 should give everyone enough time to make this simple change in mail client






May 31, 2007
Server has been giving problems lately. Currently it is down while our technicians are trying to fix the problem. No expected timeframe for this is available at present, but if downtime exceeds 24 hours, we will have to look at migrating websites over to another server.

April 19, 2007
On Thursday April 19th and Friday April 20th at 2AM USA EST we
will be performing network upgrades on our edge routers.  The
maintenance window for these upgrades is between 2AM and 4AM and anywhere from
10 to 30 minutes of downtime is expected.  Your servers and services may
experience latency during this time as well so we ask that you please
refrain from opening any support tickets during this time regarding any network
speed issues you may be facing.  We thank you for your attention to
this matter and look forward to successful completion of these upgrades.

March 08, 2007
In keeping with our policy of staying up to date with all new software
releases, we will be upgrading this server's Plesk to version 8.1. This
version includes several bug fixes, AWSTATS and MySQL 5 support.

The upgrade will take place at about 08:00 USA Eastern Time today. You
should experience no more than then (10) minutes of downtime while we
reboot the server after the upgrade.

If you experience any issues after the upgrade, please submit a ticket
so we can check it out for you. Thank you in advance for your
cooperation and understanding in this matter!

February 15, 2007
On Saturday, February 17th 2007 beginning at 2AM EST and lasting until
7AM EST, the data center will be performing a scheduled maintenance
window on the network.  The upgrades are to complete the remaining tasks
from the previous network upgrades on Feb 2nd.  We do not anticipate
much latency or packetloss during this upgrade, however we are providing
notice that such occurrences could occur.  This maintenance window will
serve as the final phase completion of our network upgrades and will
further enhance the network.  We thank you for your time and patience
during these maintenance periods and look forward to a successful
implementation of the changes.

February 02, 2007
The data center has informed us of scheduled network maintenance on
Saturday, February 3rd at 3AM EST (8am GMT).  The maintenance window will
be from 3AM until 7AM EST during which time they will be adding further
redundancy to the network, enabling additional GIGE links and making
final changes to the CORE / AGG/ GAR Routers.  The initial estimated
downtime will be approximately 30 minutes, followed by individual network
segments of 30 minutes each.

In addition to this, the main power to the building / facility is being
worked on at 7AM EST on the 3rd as well.  No ETA for completion or
repairs is being provided, however they will be transferring over to UPS /
Generator power prior to the power being worked on.  In preparing for
this we have also required our UPS and generator maintenance personnel
to inspect all equipment during this week, fully testing all
batteries, replacing full batteries on one of the UPS’s and certifying
all equipment are operating to properly capacity.  Though we expect no
glitches with this maintenance matter, precautionary measures are being
taken to ensure everything is prepared before hand as well as requiring
all staff members to be available for any unexpected matters which
could arise. 

Please during the network maintenance window do not open tickets for
packetloss / latency during that time as we will be undergoing major
upgrades and though we do not anticipate these issues arising, we will be
fully monitoring all aspects of the upgrades during that time
specifically to watch for these issues.  Many thanks for your attention to this


August 18, 2006
Server Gamma
In a few minutes we will be upgrading Plesk on your server to version 8. The upgrade is pretty painless and if there is any downtime at all it won't exceed 20 minutes. Plesk 8 enables safe_mode by default on all domains so please check your PHP scripts after the upgrade and if you see safe_mode errors please contact support to get that fixed. Also if you have scripts set up with email piping please ensure that is working correctly as often permissions need to be reset on httpdocs for piping to

June 28, 2006
On Friday night starting at 11pm the data center will be doing network
acquaintance on their aggregation routers.  We estimate 60 minutes per
router, but are having a window of 2 hours per router, currently there
are 3 aggregation routers.  Only one will be down at any given time. 
The reason for this is so they can upgrade the ram and IOS code on the
routers in order to increase redundancy, stability, and scalability in
the network.
Many thanks for your co-operation!

June 17, 2006 A network maintenance window has been scheduled for 6/20/2006 00:00AM to 4AM EST.

On Monday night / Tuesday morning, the data center will be performing network upgrades comprising of the following:

1. RAM upgrades will be completed on the aggregation routers to provide enhanced routing features and better bgp redundancy.

2. New Toplayer boxes will be placed inline, and testing will begin  on its ANTI-DDOS technology, across the entire network, as opposed to the initial testing which has only been on about 25% of the network.

Additional upgrades are planned throughout the next month, and we will update with announcements as they become available.

With respects to the upgrades, we should only see downtime in 3 bursts of approximately 5 minutes, but we're carrying the maintenance window for a longer period to allow for additional time if needed.

May 10, 2006 We have once again got problems with server Our technicians are working on it right now. If your website is mission critical, and it is still down by morning of May 11, please email us with your domain name and a working email address and we will move it to another server.

April 18, 2006 The server is up and running again, but we still have issues with webmail, pop3mail and PLESK. Please stand by.

April 17, 2006 Our technicians are working on a serious problem with server Please make sure you have a backup copy of your website(s) on that server.

April 4, 2006 - I have instructed our data center to increase the RAM on server Gamma from 1Gb to 2Gb. This will result in some downtime, but will hugely improve the performance of this server.

Update Thursday 7am
Most services are running normally, although we still have some SMTP problems. Our data center is working on this right oow.

On Sunday, March 5, 2006, between the hours of 12:00AM and 4:00AM,
Fortress ITX will be performing network maintenance.

During this window, engineers will be performing software upgrades on
one of our aggregation routers to which many of our servers are
connected.  Customers on servers connected to this device will experience
interruptions in connectivity during the above-mentioned time window.  We
expect multiple outages during this windows but experience tells us that
total downtime for such maintenance will be approximately one hours.

It is impossible to know which servers are connected to this router
(agg3) as the data center hasn't passed on such info to us so everyone
should advise their customers that the maintenance is happening.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for
your patience and continued support.

If the IP number you used for FTP, control panel, email etc. used to be, this has now changed to IP number has changed to IP number has changed to, and has changed to If you use your domain name and not an IP number for FTP, webmail and control panel purposes, this will not affect you.

 To  find out what the current IP number for your domain is go to your MSDOS prompt and type:
e.g. ping