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Reseller Hosting Packages

Reseller Hosting Package @ $2.99 p/m

To become a reseller you have three options: Buy individual reseller packages, buy a mini server account or get your own VPS to make you fully independent.

Buy an ordinary retail hosting package for your own domain from our list of retail packages. This will qualify you to buy individual hosting packages at the reseller prices on this page. Ideal if you want to start small and grow gradually, or if you simply have more than one domain to host.

Please note: You do not have to be a reseller or web designer to qualify for our reseller prices. As soon as you have bought  one hosting package from us at the normal retail price,  you qualify for the reseller price on all purchases thereafter.

Buy a mini server account and you can HOST UNLIMITED DOMAINS from your own reseller control panel and sell these packages to your clients at whatever price you wish for only $39.95month!

The mini server comes with 45Gb of disk space and 600Gb of bandwidth. You can host UNLIMITED domains in your very own reseller control panel, each with its own hosting space, control panel and bandwidth limit. NOTE: To buy a mini server account, you do NOT have to buy any package at the retail price first. You can go right ahead and start your own hosting company today!

If you would like to start your own hosting business, but you are not certain where to begin, you have to read this incredibly complete manual on starting your own web hosting business:


Get your own VPS, which makes you fully independent of other domains on the server.

Mini Server account with 45Gb disk space and 600Gb transfer per month Host unlimited domains for only $29.95/month.

VPS Account with 1Gb RAM and  35Gb Space. with 10Mbit data.
Currently only $39.95 per month.
Dedicated IP - resellers special offer @ $20/year

Why become a reseller?

The web hosting market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.

More than 5 million domain names are registered every year. All these web sites have one thing in common: They have to be hosted somewhere to be visible on the Internet.

Traditionally the web hosting business was restricted to the few companies who had the capital to provide the necessary infrastructure and support.

Not any more: Whether you are a web designer that wants to provide top quality hosting to your clients at a reasonable price, or a market oriented individual who realises the enormous profit potential of the web hosting industry, you can now start your own hosting company with virtually no capital.

Your web hosting business is an excellent way to build up a residual income. Decide on the monthly income that you want to earn, calculate how many hosting packages you will need to sell to reach this income, set yourself a reasonable time limit in which to reach this, and you are on your way to true financial independence.

With a stable client base and hosting thousands of unique domain web sites, our goal is to insure that our reseller partners are able to maximise on their

profits by operating a service that returns maximum margin.

If you are a reseller, we guarantee that we will never contact your clients in any way. You handle basic support, and contact us if you are unable to sort out a problem yourself. You bill your clients whatever price you want. We have been in business for more than three years now, and we plan to be here for many years to come.

We highly recommend that you make an intensive study of our comprehensive manual on how to start your own web hosting business.

Reseller Web Hosting – how it works

There are basically two ways for a reseller web hosting account to work:

(1) Dedicated Server: You can lease or rent a dedicated server and either configure it or have it configured
to meet your requirements and then allocate portions of it to individuals.

This type of reselling takes a good bit of technical knowledge and expertise since you will be partially responsible for the hardware or software.

(2) Shared Hosting: With this type, you buy an allocated amount of storage space and bandwidth on a shared host account and then divide it up and resell to others. The support of the web server remains the responsibility of the hosting provider, but the third party clients remain your responsibility.

While resellers’ accounts can be created by anyone, the bulk of all resellers are web designers/developers, small business consultants, or marketers who want to offer their clients with a complete package of services plus web host. Most these resellers use shared hosting.

Other resellers are usually internet marketers or web publishers who own several websites or blogs and wish to save money by hosting all their sites under one account. Depending on the size or number of their sites, these resellers can use either a shared or dedicated server.

The remaining resellers are in the web hosting industry and lease one or more dedicated servers for their business to market and resell to individuals or various specialty markets.

Reseller Web Hosting – how to make or save money
Say as a web developer; you buy 1700MB of disk storage space and 50 GB of bandwidth from a hosting vendor for $55 a month. You can now offer 10 of your web design clients a 150MB space + 5GB of bandwidth web account for $15 a month as part of their website package. You would profit $95 a month in revenue. Over time as you client list grows this passive income can become substantial.

Or say you are a web publisher with 12 blogs and or websites all together and each costs $10 a month or $120. You could get a resellers and host all of them on the 1700MB for $55. You would save $65 a month. This may not seem like a lot but some web publishing companies own hundreds of websites.

You can now use the information in this article to investigate reseller web hosting services in greater detail while making your decision.

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